Club La Différence

A member of Club La Difference has some privileges on being on Radio la difference live program at anytime, also can receive free Radio la difference hats & T-shirts on special occasions. Some other benefits can be determined at our discretion. The membership is totally free, we only ask that you mention us to someone, a family, friend or associate...
As a member of Club La Difference your name is listed below..These are fans who listen to Radio La Différence on a regular basis..They are DieHard Fans...
You can become a member of Club La Difference by sending us an email with your contact # and your interest of becoming a member and we'll be glad to contact you and make you a member of our club.
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Member NameLocationContact InfoPicture
Member NameLocationContact InfoPicture
Aline Lauture Evanston, IL N/A  
All Haitians in Chicago Group Facebook N/A  
Alta Mirville Haiti N/A  
Antoine Shabba Pierre Blaze Chicago, IL   
Baz Delmas 33 Port-au-Prince - Haiti N/A  
Beaux-Parleurs Group Facebook N/A  
Blaze Productions Chicago, IL N/A  
Caribbean Flair Productions Chicago, IL N/A  
Carline Dutelly Allentown, Pennsylvania N/A  
Chicago Baraks Band Chicago, IL N/A  
Chicago Young Haitians Group Facebook Chicago, IL N/A  
D-Lux Band Chicago, IL N/A  
Flavie Dutelly  N/A  
Franky Dena Montreal N/A  
Fritz Dubois Haiti N/A  
Gael Ti Mama Haiti N/A  
Guirlene Dutelly Maryland, Washington   
Haitians Across America Group Facebook Chicago N/A  
Jean Guy Rene(Fanfan) New York N/A  
Jean Robert Brazil N/A  
Jean Wilkens Altime Dominican Republic   
Jetola Texas N/A  
Joel Champagne Chicago, IL N/A  
Karine Smith Evanston, IL N/A  
Lamose Emilcar Evanston - IL N/A  
Laura Le Curieux St Martin - Caribbean Island N/A  
Lesly Condé - Haitian Consul Chicago Chicago - IL N/A  
Lisa Paul Westmont, IL N/A  
Lucresse Cayemitte Skokie - IL N/A  
Lucy Antonio Utah N/A  
Magalie Dutelly Montreal N/A  
Manes Cherestal (Balon Manes) Evanston - IL N/A  
Marie Andre Paul Haiti N/A  
Marie Helene Dutelly Kissimmee, FL N/A  
Maxime Ferdinand Brazil N/A  
Mendosa Innocent Paris, France N/A  
Milie Sanon Montreal, Qc N/A  
Paysan Boston N/A  
Reynald Albert Chicago, IL N/A  
Rose Jasmine Maxy Dominican Republic N/A  
Sandra The Haitian Sensation Chicago, IL N/A  
Shabba Blaze Productions Chicago, IL N/A  
Stephanie Janvier Skokie, IL N/A  
Stephanie Jeanty New York N/A  
Wilfrid Jean Pennsylvania N/A  
Winda Bon Bagay Pierre Louis Streamwood, IL N/A  
Showing 46 items